How To Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is damage to furniture caused by water. Isn’t it a nightmare to find your house submerged in water and broken furniture when you come home from traveling? Although there is a offer cleaning services for carpets and other furniture, prevention is better than cure, right? If you are planning to leave the house for a long time, here are some tips you can do to prevent water damage or water leaks at home.

1. Check the house thoroughly. Before leaving, inspect the house carefully to see if there are leaks. Check all the pipes in the house. If something goes wrong, make sure you fix it first before leaving the house. Also, check the roof and gutters of the house for leaks.

2. Check all the hoses in the house. Check the hose that is connected to household appliances, such as the washing machine, refrigerator, and others. Make sure the hose is working properly and there are no problems or leaks.

3. Clean the gutters and drains. Clean the gutters from rubbish or dirt that could potentially block the flow of water if it rains.

4. Turn off the water supply. To minimize leaks in the house, it’s a good idea to turn off the water supply in your home. This can be done by turning off the water meter.

5. Save the furniture. If the area where you live is one that is prone to flooding, in the rainy season which is at its peak, it’s a good idea to save your furniture before the flood comes when you are not at home. Cover up the carpet, place the sofa on higher ground, unplug all electronic equipment from the power outlet, and so on.

If it turns out that currently your house has been affected by water damage, the best carpet cleaning service can always help you. Not only washing carpet but also offers other best cleaning services, such as cleaning carpets and also spring beds. So, now you no longer need to worry about leaving home for a vacation with your family or undergoing out-of-town service.
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