Deleting Whatsapp Status Is Very Easy

Information sharing can now be done through various social media that enliven the virtual world, one of which is WhatsApp. Initially, WhatsApp only functioned to communicate and share personally. However, since February 2017, this service allows sharing of information to colleagues in contacts at once, via a feature titled Status, which has a similar function to Snapchat Snap and Instagram Stories. This status allows users to upload content that will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. However, if you change your mind and intend to remove this content, you don’t have to wait 24 hours. In addition, if you also need more quotes for your Whatsapp Status in Hindi, you can always see more quotes here.

Do the following methods to delete text content, text with links, your photos, or videos on WhatsApp Status, even shortly after uploading.

1. Access the WhatsApp application on the cellphone.

2. Access the Status tab flanked by the Chats and Calls tab in the application.

3. Select three dots arranged horizontally next to your upload circle.

4. Then, select three dots arranged vertically.

5. And select Delete, then select Delete again in the confirmation box that appears.

This will delete the content that you share in the Status feature. However, this step can only be done on content that has been successfully uploaded, and not on content that is still in the upload process, one of which is because the stability of the internet network is not good. Good luck!