Decoration And Color Affect Our Comfort In Our Own House

Whatever you experience out there, the home should be a place to get peace. Therefore, you should arrange your home decor in such a way so as not to add weight and negative energy to the body and mind. Your home should be able to support and calm you down or, on the contrary, can leave you exhausted and stressed out. Meanwhile, you can visit to find more info about home improvement and politics.

To be able to get a comfortable and peaceful home, there are several things you can do. One of them is to provide the right decoration in every room.

Give decoration to every room

Remember that every room in the house has an important meaning and function for you. Including the warehouse and guest rooms that we may rarely visit if there is no need. Because we feel that the room is not important, we often don’t care about whatever is in it. Items are allowed to pile up, dust is not cleaned, and windows are never opened. Conditions like this can have a negative effect on the homeowner. Because you know something is wrong, but are lazy to clean it because the condition is too bad.
Therefore, consider all rooms in your house important. Even if it is not occupied or not needed, clean it periodically, decorate the room so that the room feels ‘alive’.

Choose the right color

Did you know that house paint can affect your psychological condition? According to Claire Bond, a color therapist from South Africa, color has its own power that affects the human brain and body. For example, the light green color has a calming effect.

Therefore, this color is very suitable for designing rooms. After getting tired of working all day, your mind will be more relaxed when you see the light green color in the room.

Claire suggested not to overdo it, you don’t need to paint all parts of the room, just one side of the room. Then mix it with white furniture so that your bedroom looks more modern.