You Can Try These Tips When Your Roof Leaks

When the roof of the house leaks, there is nothing more you can do but to call a repairman to fix it. We recommend you call the Roofing Afton OK for the best roof repair service. The reason is that the ceiling and roof are parts that are quite vulnerable to damage. If you are desperate to fix it yourself, what if it makes the condition worse? If a leak occurs suddenly while you also have to wait for the repairman to arrive, here are the tips that can be done. The tips are simple, the important thing is that you can stop the leak for a while.

Here are some ways you can do when your roof is leaking:

Holds water

In general, here, leaks that occur in the house come from the ceiling. The first thing you have to do is to make sure which part is leaking. Immediately check the source of the leak. Also, check for wet parts and water droplets when it rains. To prevent the house from becoming muddy, place a bucket or other container under the leak area to catch raindrops.

Covering furniture

In addition to preventing your house from becoming muddy due to raindrops, you also have to prevent water droplets from falling near the furniture. You know for yourself that damp conditions can damage furniture, especially those made from wood. Therefore, immediately move the furniture if it is under the source of water droplets to a safer place. However, if the furniture is large and difficult to move, you can simply cover all parts of the furniture using large plastic.

Mark the leak

Now, after the rain has stopped and the weather is sunny again, check the interior parts of the house again. See if any parts have changed due to leaks and moisture. The easy way is, see if there are marks of stains or discoloration on the ceiling of the house. After that, mark the parts that become the source of the leak using chalk.