How Technology Helps Agriculture Productivity

John Deere has showcased the latest technology solutions for the construction industry at the CONEXPO 2020 event in Las Vegas, USA, and claims that the new technology is changing the construction industry. The new offerings, which include obstacle intelligent, SmartWeigh, SmartAttach, and the new earth scraper productivity system, will assist operators while increasing job site productivity and efficiency. The construction industry is changing rapidly, and technology is a driving factor in this evolution. The right technology influences how customers bid for jobs, manage their fleets, assist with operator recruitment and retention, and ultimately increase overall profitability also with the help of john deere technical manuals free.

Technological developments are changing the construction industry, and we continue to accelerate our technological innovation across equipment and job sites. One of the forward-thinking technology solutions on display during the exhibition is the Advanced Rear Object Detection System Detection (obstacle detection system on the back of the device) mounted on the 944K Wheeled Loader Hybrid engine. This device is an Obstacle Intelligence solution that helps complement operator situational awareness by identifying objects close to the equipment. Also featured is the 944K Wheel Loader Hybrid SmartWeigh integrated load weighing system, under development for John Deere four-wheel-drive loaders (744L, 824L, 844L, 944K Hybrid) shortly.

Shared via an in-cab touch screen monitor, this factory-installed system allows operators to load material accurately without interruption and is integrated with JDLink to track and visualize payload data on the JDLink and JDLink Mobile portals. By allowing operators to quickly weigh and track loads, the workflow is maximized and productivity is increased. The company is also showing a display of the SmartAttach system, which it claims will make attaching attachments easier in the future by automatically configuring machines to attachments. SmartAttach minimizes setup time, reducing the chance of damage due to incorrect settings. Using SmartAttach, operators spend less time setting up equipment and can instead focus on the actual work at hand. SmartAttach is integrated with JDLink via Bluetooth, and together they record the location of the attachment filling in the information on the JDLink and JDLink Mobile portals.

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