Don’t Choose The Wrong Choice, This Is The Most Popular Skateboard Type Today

The game of skateboarding has reached all corners of the world. With the popularity of this game as well as a sport, some countries also influenced by skateboarding. It is known as one of Uncle Sam’s original extreme games. Playing skateboarding, players are required to perform various dangerous tricks with a high level of difficulty. This game requires a lot of guts to successfully pull off a trick. For those of you who have big guts and want to satisfy your adrenaline rush, skateboarding is guaranteed to be a good fit. Like other games, kids longboard also requires several types of equipment. Starting from the type of equipment to other supporting equipment. The skating board is must-have equipment for someone who intends to focus on this game

To determine the type of board to be used, players need to first determine the style of play that will be worked on. Each type of board has a different function for each style of play. In order not to make the wrong choice, here are some types of skateboard boards according to function, which is widely circulating in the market. Popsicle type skateboard boards are generally found. Many skateboarders are known to use this type of ride. Popsicle boards are normally used on street tracks and skate parks. The board measures 19 to 21.5 centimeters. This board has a rounded tip (nose and tail), which helps players to pop or jerk to jump in the air. Several other tricks, such as the ollie and the flip, are considered best suited to the popsicle.

The park or bowl type board has a different function from the popsicle type. This type of board is commonly used on transition surfaces. These types of planks tend to be larger, between 20 and 22.8 centimeters. It is ideal for those who seek comfort because it has large dimensions. The playing style of the park or bowl board is more focused on targeting the comfort side. The game arena is shaped like a bowl, which is very suitable for this type of board. Besides, with the shape of a swimming pool and a large half-pipe shape with a high and horizontal edge. The next type of skateboard is longboard. Lately, longboards are very popular and become a hot topic in various circles. Longboard-type skateboarding games are often played on asphalt roads. The longboard dimensions are wider and will feel stable for use on flat or sloping road surfaces.

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