Do You Know These Meanings Of Wedding Flower Bouquets?

Recently, flower bouquets have started to get more and more attention. Its presence is not only beautiful but also must be in line with the concept of marriage to the character of the couple. For that, it’s a good idea to learn the meaning contained in each flower. Furthermore, if you want to buy a high-quality flower bouquet, we recommend you buy it at m&s flowers.

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Here are some meaning in wedding flower bouquets:

1. Roses

Its beautiful and luxurious appearance makes roses often chosen by bridal couples as a wedding flower bouquet. Containing the meaning of love, joy, loyalty, and happiness, the presence of roses as a flower bouquet represents what the couple feels on this special day.

2. Lily

The shape is simple but beautiful, showing the elegant impression of a lily flower. Depicting honesty, honor, and grandeur, white lily is often the choice of brides-to-be to accompany them on their wedding day.

3. Tulip

The beauty of the tulips that are blooming in the Netherlands is well known throughout the world. Flowers that are often found in late spring are very beautiful to be applied as a wedding flower bouquet. Having the meaning of eternal love, it’s not wrong if you express your love on this happy day with a bouquet of tulips.

4. Daisy

Having the meaning of sharing, the daisy is very appropriate to be applied in weddings, because it represents a real married life where the couple must share with each other. As one of the favorite flowers of the bride and groom, the daisy is easy to find and the price is quite affordable.

5. Baby breath

Simple, soft, and elegant in appearance, baby breath flowers have small, white, fragrant petals. Usually combined with other flowers, but recently, baby breath has started to appear alone without any other flowers. The impression of grace and elegance was also present on the bouquet containing these small white flowers.

6. Gerbera

Symbolizing inseparable love is the reason gerbera is one of the favorite flowers of brides. As a hand bouquet or as part of a decoration, gerbera seems to represent the loyalty of you and your partner to each other.

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